Saree ka Gunijan Khana: Talks and more / Sat3 and Sun4 May – 9.30 am to 1 pm / Please rsvp

Saree ka Gunijan Khana: The Adda of the Saree Enthusiasts Saree ka Gunijan Khana, the theoretical and performance aspect of Red Earth’s The Saree Festival hopes to bring together various voices and ideas around the Saree, in a multidisciplinary approach to celebrate the wondrous swirl of the Saree. The Gunijan Khana, literally the house of … [Read more…]

The Saree Festival – the idea!

The Saree Festival: The endless swirl of beauty   A classical drape, endlessly evolving, ravenously reinterpreted, feted in fashion circles, and yet, very much also a part of our everyday lives, the Saree is the life breath of India. The Saree Festival attempts to create an ongoing tribute to this most wondrous, most amoebic pahnawa, the … [Read more…]